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11 October 2010

Clean Technologies Group (CTG) Ltd. and Albatros Energy, power companies based in Mauritius, have launched the foundation of a joint venture company focused on marketing and deploying Elgressy’s EST and SCP line of products, as well as Aqua Solutions’ line for industrial laundries.

Albatros Energy specializes in providing high quality and affordable pre-owned power equipment along with prompt, creative power solutions. Albatros Energy takes on challenging power projects not customarily seen in the Middle Eastern and African markets, as well as in other geographical areas or niche markets.

By creating the joint venture, both parties aim to expand the deployment of Elgressy systems in large cooling towers by leveraging Albatros Energy’s market exposure and customer network together with Elgressy’s extensive experience with smaller cooling towers, used in HVAC and other industrial applications.

CTG is excited to support Albatros Energy in their efforts in deploying cost-effective and ecologically-relevant power stations in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

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