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August 15, 2010

CTG Integra, a subsidiary of CTG Clean Technologies Group Ltd. in Spain, installed the first tertiary treatment plant in the Extremadura area, for the reuse of effluents coming from a WWTP. The plant, situated in Llerena, was commissioned in July 2010 and has run smoothly since then.

Llerena is a town in the province of Badajoz, Extremadura with a population of about 6,000. The Llerena municipality has deployed the filtering system to treat secondary treated effluent. The system meets new regulations of the state of Extremadura for feed water that the existing WWTP could not contend with.

The filtration system, using 3 micron filters, represents an innovative and unique solution for sediment removal. The system captures sediment in microfibers tightly wound around plastic cartridges, and then automatically cleans itself with a high-velocity stream of water deflected off the plastic cartridges. This sediment pre-filtration optimizes chemical use, reduces shadowing and scattering of UV radiation, and minimizes the creation of disinfection byproducts.
Following filtering the effluent undergoes chlorination.

The system delivers treated water with 0.3 ppm total suspended solids, and 99% removal of E. coli.
The Llerena municipality estimates that the plant will save consumption of 100,000 m3/year of drinking water and this will substantially improve the situation in the groundwater reservoir in the area.

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