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July 11, 2010

CTG Israel, a CTG company, has been awarded a two-year R&D grant for the sum of €1 million, in the form of a bi-national program under the auspices of the Israel-Spain Eureka fund. The R&D project is based upon a research project and patented technology developed by Professor Michael Green and Professor Ori Lahav from the Department of Environmental Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The technology has been exclusively assigned to CTG Israel under an agreement with the Technion Technology Transfer Office (T3).

CTG Israel’s research is being performed jointly with its partner in Spain, Hera, a company dealing in waste management and wastewater treatment. A first year’s research budget of NIS 1.85 million has already been approved with a grant of 40% and preliminary activities are under way in which the Technion will act as subcontractor to CTG Israel and will carry out laboratory activities and other research-related tasks.

The program involves a novel, effective, robust, and economic process for treating swine waste which combines nitrogen species removal, enhanced methane production and low cost phosphate recovery.

The project has completed laboratory testing and is presently entering an on-going pilot stage. The R&D program will bring the up-scaling to 10m3/day-size pilot plant and field testing in Israel and Spain. In the second year the plan is to reach a full scale, small size, 270m3/day working plant in Spain.

The EUREKA Executive Director Cooperation Programs for Europe on 25/6/2010 stated that CTG Israel has “obtained the EUREKA Status which indicates that the project . . . meets the high standards required for obtaining the Eureka Label.” He added “You are joining the prestigious group of about 250 Eureka projects that are granted a EUREKA label each year.”

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