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June 26, 2010

On 24 June 2010 CTG US, in cooperation with Crown Solutions (Veolia North America), held a kickoff distributors’ meeting in Dayton Ohio. The event, attended by representatives of eight regional American companies, was a major success. CTG US was able to raise substantial interest in the Elgressy Cooling Tower Treatment System (EST), and the Elgressy Scale Crystallization Prevention (SCP) system which prevent scale deposition, reduce bacteria in the water, and substantially reduce corrosion rates.

Crown Solutions (Veolia North America) hosted the meeting and took the lead in presenting overviews and training to potential distributors. The company is a full-service industrial water management company which focuses on a cost-effective blend of service, chemistry, and equipment technologies. Crown Solutions has partnered with CTG US in supporting its distributors, providing comprehensive technical assistance, when required, and acting as a sales channel for Elgressy systems in the US.

CTG US was also able to deepen its understanding of distributors’ and customers’ requirements in key areas related to cooling tower maintenance. This will enable CTG US to better position the company in the North American market. In addition, CTG US is making a real effort to enhance its value proposition, as an international Cleantech company, and to deepen the bond with its partners and distributors.

Without waiting for formal agreement, several of these new distributors are already actively promoting Elgressy’s products.

About CTG US

CTG US, active since October 2008, is headed by Mr. Samuel Hochman, who has worked with Elgressy in the past and has achieved substantial success in the US market in various sectors. CTG US is building local operations in the United States based on joint ventures with companies, such as Crown Solutions.

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