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May 10, 2010

Clean Technologies Group Ltd. today announced that it has acquired a minority stake in Aqua Solutions – a company that has developed and deployed a patented, electrochemically-based system generating environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that replace most chemicals used today in industrial laundries. Through the investment CTG also has the option to increase its holding in Aqua Solutions in the future.

Founded in 2000, Aqua Solutions already has several dozen working installations in industrial laundries, hotel chains, resorts, and the process-industry in Europe and the United States. The Aqua Solutions technology is an innovative concept for industrial laundering that offers major financial and commercial benefits to clients.

Aqua Solutions’ technology is a self-contained system, producing the cleaning and disinfecting solutions needed in the washing process. Aqua Solutions technology provides commercial enterprises with a modular, end-to-end solution that is easily integrated with any commercial laundry equipment. It has a small footprint, is straightforwardly installed, very economical to operate and provides major savings in water, electricity and chemicals.

There is a real synergy between Aqua Solutions’ green laundering facilities and the Elgressy (another CTG subsidiary) Cooling Towers Treatment systems. Both systems make use of electrochemical processes to reduce the use of chemicals in industrial water treatment and applications. Both companies can leverage on CTG’s international presence to ramp-up their market exposure and combine efforts when approaching companies that operate cooling towers and in-house industrial laundry machines. 

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