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September 15, 2009

Clean Technologies Group Ltd., through its Spanish subsidiary, CTG Integra, signed an agreement with the government of Extremadura to establish a framework for collaboration in the fields of water and wastewater technologies.

The region of Extremadura is striving to boost its capacity in the development and deployment of wastewater treatment plants, technologies for water purification, and related areas. CTG Integra will cooperate with local companies involved in the development of environmental solutions for water and wastewater management through the transfer and expansion of knowledge and knowhow in the field.

María Dolores Aguilar, the second vice president and Minister of the Economy, Trade and Innovation of Extremadura, said that CTG and the local companies will serve as strategic partners to Extremadura in the development of technologies for water management. She stressed that these technologies, which have been deployed successfully in Israel, can – with the appropriate transfer of knowhow – be produced by companies in Extremadura.

Extremadura will expand its capabilities for technological development in the fields of wastewater treatment plants, technologies for water decontamination, the treatment of contaminated ecosystems, and the efficient utilization of such water in agricultural processes.

Other area of cooperation between Extremadura and CTG will include advanced water treatment technologies and water reuse optimization, drinking water treatment, development of new technological processes for treatment and wastewater management, agricultural and agro-technologies and energy recovery from organic waste.

CTG Integra will also initiate direct collaboration with the Extremadura Regional Government in two areas. CTG will transfer knowledge and proprietary technologies to be used for manufacturing purposes by the government of Extremadura, and CTG will initiate several research projects within the realm of water management, working directly with institutions, technology centers, and the University of Extremadura.

To this end, CTG Integra will relocate its headquarters to the Extremadura Spanish Science and Technology Park in Badajoz and thus be situated in close proximity to companies and institutions involved in research related to water processing. Furthermore, CTG and CTG Integra will cooperate with the government of Extremadura in the establishment of the proposed the Water Research Center in Extremadura.

Water resources are strategic for the economic development and sustainability of Extremadura and its natural ecosystems. Ms Aguilar thus launched the Water Research Center which is planned to be a comprehensive framework for research into a broad spectrum of areas related to water, such as management and utilization of water resources in the community, sustainability of the rich aquatic ecosystems in the area, development of technologies for the management and treatment of drinking water, and agricultural and industrial use of recycled water.

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