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September 5, 2010

CTG Integra, a subsidiary of CTG Clean Technologies Group Ltd. in Spain, completed the deployment of a Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) system in order to minimize the environmental impact form the problematic residues of an animal feed plant.

The region of Extremadura is striving to boost its capacity in the development and deployment of wastewater treatment plants, technologies for water purification, and related areas. CTG Integra has been central in expanding technological development in the fields of wastewater treatment plants, technologies for water decontamination, the treatment of contaminated ecosystems, and the efficient utilization of such water in agricultural processes.

Effluents from the Cobadu Limitada Bajo Duero S.A. animal feed mill in Moraleja Del Vino Zamora Spain were previously discharged directly into the river causing severe pollution. As a result, the there was a pressing need for an effective WWTP.

CTG Integra, met this challenge and designed and supervised the construction of a three-stage MBBR utilizing the plant’s effluent as its influent. Raw wastewater from the feed plant flows through a coarse mechanical screen into an equalization pond which is equipped with a surface aerator, near the outlet, for re-aeration. Wastewater is pumped from the pond at a constant rate, through fine mechanical screens, into the MBBR reactor. The MBBR configuration provides a treatment process based on a bio-film which provides organic carbon removal, as well as nitrification and de-nitrification. In the final stage, the effluent exits the reactor to a solids separation clarifier. This ensures that discharged water meets the most stringent effluent requirements.

The WWTP treats the effluent to the following quality specifications: Inlet/Outlet COD: 2100/125 mg/l, BOD: 820/25 mg/l, TSS: 202/35 mg/l

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