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Industrial Water Treatment


CTG water treatment systems are all unique, but they are similar in the fact that they are all highly efficient and provide the best that technology has to offer. Their benefits include such advantages as reduced operation costs, zero chemicals and easy installation.



Chemical Free Treatment for Cooling Towers

It is now possible to efficiently manage problems associated with scaling, corrosion and bio-fouling in cooling water systems, with no need for chemicals. This is thanks to a unique system called Electrochemical Scale Treatment System (EST). This cost-effective solution has already been implemented in hundreds of cooling towers, successfully giving the expected results.



Desalination Solutions

CTG’s desalination solution has low costs, high rate of recovery and a smaller foot print – all that is needed to make desalination efficient and financially feasible.


This is done by using a desalination system that includes a tailor made pre-treatment procedure, resulting in superior performance and prolonged membrane life span.



Water Filtration Solutions

CTG offers a variety of advanced water filtering solutions for industrial, municipal and agricultural facilities. From automatic to manual, these filters can be used in applications such as green houses, pre-filtration for water or wastewater treatment facilities and water cooling systems. These solutions have already been used internationally for over 20 years.


Options include:

  • Plastic water filters
  • Steel water filters
  • Automatic water filters
  • Media water filters



Scale Crystallization Prevention

Heat exchangers and hot water systems are often affected by scale crystallization that interrupts its function. CTG offers a solution for preventing these problems.


The Scale Crystallization Prevention Treatment not only prevents scale deposition, but also reduces and removes chlorine and bacteria from the water. In addition, it substantially reduces corrosion rates in heat exchangers and hot water systems.



Eradication and Control of Legionella Pneumophila Bacteria

CTG offers a significant treatment system that facilitates the automatic control and eradication of microorganisms in hot water systems, including Legionella Pneumophila bacteria.


This system, founded on an electrochemical process, drastically shrinks build-up of sediment and scale in hot water systems. This prevents not only LP bacteria growth, but corrosion as well.



Corrosion Prevention in Water Systems through Electrolysis

CTG has an efficient and cost-effective resolution to the challenge of corrosion in pipes. An electrolysis system not only solves the corrosion problem, but also significantly enhances water quality and reduces inclusive operational costs.


The system can be installed in both hot and cold water systems. It works to repair the existing damages from corrosion and prevent additional corrosion in the future. It is effective in water tanks and pipes leading in and out of the water system, no matter what material they’re made of.




CTG offers a solution that resolves the concentration of sewage water produced by industries in different fields such as metal, pharmaceutical and food.


The solution is based on heat pump evaporation equipment, which has been designed to provide a solution against concentration of sewage water. This water can be produced by companies of diverse industries such as galvanized metal, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food. The water must be treated to comply with effluent regulations or to avoid handling large amounts of water.


The concentration treatment consists of the following steps:

  • Effluent accumulation.
  • Vacuum evaporation with hot water or boiler steam as power supply.
  • Dry cooler condensation or refrigeration tower.
  • Distilled water reuse.
  • Handling of concentrated
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