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Municipal Water Treatment



Well Water Treatment Solutions

With this CTG solution implemented, contaminated wells can be converted into usable ones again, allowing municipalities and water companies to create more water sources accessible for use. This transformation is made feasible by a unique arsenic and heavy metal removal technology, specially designed for well water. The result is water that meets the highest standards for drinking water.


All the technologies applied in CTG’s Water Treatment Solutions are chemical free, so there are no chemical side effects or threat of further contamination. In addition, the technology is fully automated and easy to use, and therefore it can be implemented without any particular professional skills.



Desalination solutions

CTG’s desalination solutions have reduced expenditures, high rate of recovery and smaller footprint – all that is needed to make desalination efficient and financially worthwhile.


This is done via a desalination system that includes a custom-made pre-treatment process, resulting in superior performance and prolonged membrane life span.



Water Treatment Solutions for Existing Systems

For existing water systems, CTG offers a variety of water filters and diverse add-on water treatment technologies. Among these are technologies that can eradicate a specific or a wide range of contaminating agents, using unique and innovative methods.



Water Treatment Facilities

CTG has numerous styles of water treatment facilities to offer potential clients, each based on different methods:

  • Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Sand filters
  • EDI
  • MBR

Any of these technologies can be packaged inside a container or other mobile building to aid with installation and fast deployment.

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