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Solid Waste Treatment



CTG offers two unique systems for the treatment of solid waste. These solutions work via different technologies, but they are equally advanced and efficient at their jobs. Their benefits include creating renewable energy and low energy demand.



Plasma-based Reactor

  • This is a waste conversion solution that produces synthetic gas and vitrified products via plasma. In this system, a plasma reactor breaks down the waste’s molecular chain. As a result, synthetic gas is produced. The gas is then converted into electrical energy, and vitrified material (reusable for construction) is created
  • Benefits of this solution are that it creates renewable energy. 1230 KwH of electrical energy is produced from one ton of waste. It is also energetically self-sufficient, using less than 25% of the electricity it generates. Also, the resulting vitrified product can be reused as building materials
  • Available for use in municipalities



Anaerobic Sludge Digester

  • This solution consists of an anaerobic digester made of glass-lined or stainless steel. Sludge flows through the digester from bottom to top through an automatic discharge system that allows for continuous operation. It treats all waste types:
    • Sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants
    • Food industry waste
    • Liquid manure
    • Agricultural waste
    • Slaughterhouse waste
    • Municipal solid waste
    • Energy crops
  • Benefits of this system are the creation of renewable energy from gas byproduct, high degradation rates, short retention times, homogenous digestion, low energy demand, absence of surface foam and floor sedimentation and small footprint
  • Available for use in municipalities and industries such as food and agriculture
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