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Wastewater Treatment

Municipal Wastewater Solutions

CTG has multiple solutions for Municipal Wastewater Treatment, suitable for all different kinds of municipalities: small and large communities, isolated towns, agricultural settlements, farms and more.


All of these technologies feature full or partial elimination of sludge production, high-quality water available for reuse in irrigation and low energy costs. Proof of the success of these technologies can be found in many municipalities worldwide already benefitting from them.



Industrial Wastewater Solutions

Like their municipal counterparts, CTG’s Industrial Wastewater Solutions are energy and cost-effective and meet the highest environmental standards. In addition, they allow reuse of not only water but also minerals, and produce energy as part of the treatment.

Some of these solutions feature other distinguished benefits, for example:

  • Treatment for highly aggressive and complex industrial wastewater streams, containing a mixture of hazardous minerals and organic substances
  • 75% smaller facilities in comparison to standard wastewater treatment facilities

Chemical free removal of suspended materials such as oil, sand and other floating materials.

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