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Water Management and Monitoring



SCADA Systems

For existing water networks as well as for new ones, CTG supplies a fully-integrated, comprehensive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system


(SCADA). This system, designated for smart supervision and control of water networks, includes three components:

  • Remo te stations
  • Local control centers
  • Central control centers

With these three components, the system can provide complete end-to-end solutions that monitor and control the water network itself as well as connected water treatment facilities, metering units and wastewater treatment plants.



Toxicity Monitoring

CTG can provide portable or online automatic toxicity monitoring systems which are based on bioluminescence technology.


Raw water, drinking water, waste water and process water toxicity monitoring can be implemented using these portable or automatic bio-monitoring systems.


In wastewater applications, the systems can also provide AOC, BOD and toxicity monitoring.



Water Loss Prevention

CTG offers comprehensive water efficiency solutions for municipalities, from audit of a city’s water system to full project planning, execution and maintenance. The solution involves partnership with water utilities as a service provider, on a turnkey project basis, in order to ensure the long term efficiency of their networks.


The solutions enable its customers to save water and energy, lower contamination risks, reduce costs, and increase revenues.


The solution incorporates the largest accumulated knowhow in NRW (Non-Revenue Water) projects globally and its team includes leading experts in the field.

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