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CTG, Clean Technology Group, is an international company dedicated to promoting and delivering new environmental solutions. The company team, organizational structure and strategy are all oriented towards one purpose: serving as a link between innovative technologies and the potential clients worldwide.
CTG as an Operational Platform

CTG’s operational activity is based on a network of local offices which have been located in selected territories based upon three main parameters:

  • Water scarcity
  • Means to finance the required solutions
  • Local partners that CTG can team with to penetrate the local market

Once such a territory and local partners have been identified, CTG teams up with them to establish the required local operational organization. These are CTG’s offices; each has full capabilities for marketing, sales, project management and after-sale support.
Identifying Specific Needs

As part of the company’s operational activities, CTG identifies open market niches and specific needs for new products and solutions. Once such opportunities have been identified, CTG’s team relates the specific technologies and solutions which are the most appropriate for those needs.


CTG builds the necessary capabilities and executes projects on a turnkey or a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) basis. These capabilities enable the company to generate an immediate as well as a long-term revenue base. They also make it possible to build a wide reference base and network of customers and partners that are critical for long-term operational success and growth in the market.
CTG as a Vehicle to Identify New Products

A key advantage of CTG is its capability to identify exciting new technologies and products. This is done through the company’s global presence, its partners, cooperation with incubation programs and relationships with industry experts, specialized VCs and the relevant government entities.
CTG chooses only technologies and companies that have completed development, established reference systems at actual customer environments and are ready to go into the world market.
CTG as a Ramp to the International Market
The second fundamental element in CTG’s identity is its capability to give new technology companies an access to the global market. Through CTG’s existing distribution network, offices and strategic relationships, CTG can immediately ramp these companies’ international exposure, marketing and sales activities.
To the selected technology companies, CTG’s team brings its knowhow, marketing network and experience to facilitate speedy product readiness, exposure and growth.
CTG – A Proven Success
CTG has already succeeded in executing its program in numerous projects, implementing a broad range of technologies in many countries worldwide. With this proven success on the company’s resume, CTG is proceeding to grow, while keeping the concept and the principles that got it where it is today.


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